18 June 2012

Pertemuan n' Perpisahan

Assalamualaikum uoollsss! 

eem, what's going on yah..? Anything want to share? i think nothing! hahaha... btw, i juz write down a little words here to throw my keboringan yg tahap gaban sdh ni.. mo stdy but teda mood wpun buku sy owez face my face..haha… nonsense!  Mo dekat2 mlm lah baru stdy kn cuz bisuk pagi exam..as usual lah kan LAST MINUTE.. bak kata my tutor NOTHING PRODUCTIVE THAN LAST MINUTE n i'm agreed with their statement honestly from the bottom of my heart.. aiseyyyhhh! ada2 sejja kan aq ni.. bialah bah.. :D 
pejam celik pejam celik *xcelik2 kan lagi bgus hahaha* amost 7days i'm in UMS abiskan all my time togetehr with my frens before came back tu hometown.. sedih ouh.. Being 3years here give me alot of memories suka duka gembira n all those thing... em.. but we must accept lah kn.. setiap pertemuan semestinya ada perpisahan.. n what i want to say dat I WILL MISS THEM.. LOVE all of them :'(

Dis is the pic dat we taken all together with formal style.. santeekkk n semartt kan... kekeke... 
mana mo cri ouh.. pasar filipin pun teda ni semua.. *teda kenamengena* =_=”
nyway, i hope the all face there can achieve the good life after dis n become a good boy n girls n the more important jangan lah pula lupa2 kan after dis.. bak kata yasser a.k.a my Bf jangan pura2 gila... hehehe... 
okeyy dat's all for today! 

*Mood study datang balekkk :) 

Thanks for Reading ( '⌣^ )

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