20 June 2012



The 1st word i wan't to say.... MERDEKAAAAAAA!!!! yippp yippppp Horraaaayyyyy!!!

Today 20 June 2012 my status as a Uni student is OVER...! yehhaaaa! But still ave Practicum session to be completed before convo.. It's okay lah as long I'm happy can completed my study.. Alhamdulillah... :D
em but today aso the very sad day cuz i ave to split with my lovely fren n aso my beloved coursemate.. sobsob :'(  Miss u all oredy *Hug*  Wanna share 3years moments with them.. Watch it!
Cheerful ;) 
Stylish :D

Peace ^_^
de' Blue *_*

de' Red @_@
With Cool lecturer  >.<
Sayonara Dinner
Smile, Smile n' Smile...
HE04 Batch 2009-2012 the next generation of Leader n' Entrepreneur.. InsyaAllah..Aamiinn... Dear All Beloved Coursemate, GudBye.. We will meet again dis coming October for Convocation occasion yahh!


Thanks for Reading ( '⌣^ )

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