23 July 2012

1,2,3 Step to Me


hyeeesssss ! i'm come back yeahhh ! As we all know today is the 3rd day of fasting.. 

Okays 1,2,3 step to know a little things bout me ;)
My full name is Rafidah binti Ladju n people owez call me as Fydah. Just ordinary girl & still under FAMA obligation. I'm 23 years old for dis year (2012). Born on September, 6, 1989. 47kg/155cm ideal body rite?hahahaha.... Holding Islam strongly the truly religion in the world, no others. Purely Sabahan from Tawau. Just finished my Degree at UMSKK n now undergoing Internship season at MBSB Tawau branch to complete my degree. Convocation date on dis coming october so let's coming okays.

 1st child from 2 siblings *1 girl (me) n' 1 boy* Already Taken by Mr.Y.. *can read bout him in the previous entry*. Speckygirl with high eye degree. Love shopping, eating, sleeping n online'ing'. Quite n' Shy2 cat. Like mathematica, numbering but hate history, memorize theory. Student from UPSR-PMR-SPM-STPM-DEGREE n currently will not further study to the highest level *master, phd, etc.*maybe for the next 2 year i think* It's because i want to have job 1st to feeding myself and taking FAMA obligation. "Ber"Blogging when i ave time *boring*, write story that i feel comfortable to write n not to gain many followers or income. I just story bout anything around my side n it can make me Happy n Relaxxx bebeh.. ! Like so much read others blog. If i got the Blogger link whether the person i know or not, i will reading their story. If its interest me, i keep reading but if not, i just leave it. Sorry... :')  Different people different sight rite? Its depend on what they prefer. As long we Happyyyy. weweeeee... ^_____*

Twitter oh tweeetaahhhh! ngeee.. U know what? Currently i kindaaa like to login to twitter rather than facebook. I dun know why lah maybe facebook rite now is sooo boring... I guess! so Twitter is my 4rite Social Networking noww.. yeahhh! *shining face* annddddd u know what??? Datuk Dr. Fazley Yaakob the famous motivator and celebrity follow me back n DM me.. wootss woots..! UNBELIEVABLE! hahahah... He is a humble person n' not like the others celeb dat arrogant with their position n proud when gaining sososo many followres like dis 34 following/ 9435034 followers..*WOW!!!* hahahaha.. btw, is not my biz lorhhh. Every person ave a different thinking...:) For u my beloved bebeh2, let's follow my twitter n dun worry i'll follow u back sincerely ;) *promotion*

THISIS ME ^_______^

        WITH SPECK          &         WITHOUT SPECK

dat's all little things bout me. chauuuu chincauuuuu... bye!

*To my boyfie i want to apologize cause i make something dat u hate ever. I'm sosososooo sorryyy. Sincerely, forgive me plezz... :'( 

Thanks for Reading ( '⌣^ )

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