02 July 2012

Pertanyaan Itu Ini...


Hai, hai, haiiiii... Pa kabar kamu2 ah? Sihat juga kan? Alhamdulillah... But sya punya Beloved sick n he had fever n de thing dat make me angry is he still working rather than take rest at home. *Degil* =_=". Nyway sya doakan kamu cepat sembuh ya n we can talk much much again Aamiin..;) em btw,teda apa mau cer ba juz wanna share some questions n answer from me.. *kebosanan* hehehe... Biasalah masi bercuti kan so dunno what to do.. 3days to go will be start for practicum session n mcm sya takut2 pula baa... huhhhh! ba, sokay juz thru to de questions below... *wink*

1. What your goals for this year?
2. What 3 words used to describe yourself?
    Simple as me ;)
3. Do you believe in coincidence?
4. Do you believe in God?
    Yes! Highly believed.
5. What do you like to do in rainy days?
6. What would your dream job look like?
7. What is the current background on your computer?
    Photo of Myself ^^
8. What's is your favourite colour?
9. What was your favourite toy as a kid?
10. Have you ever been in love?
11. Do you talk a lot on the phone?
12. What is your favourite number?
13. What kind of candy do you most enjoy?
      Chewing Gum.
14. Do you like shopping for clothes?
15. What's your dream car?
      Red Ferrari hahahaha!
16. What fast-food restaurant do you visit most often?
17. If one person fall in love with you, what you do?
      Never let him cuz I already have 1 as my future ;)
18. Coffee or tea?
      Milo hihihihi
19. What do you like to complain about?
      Bad services.
20. Cats or dog?
      Dislike both!
21. Social Networking currently most visited?
22. High Heels or sneakers?

okeh dats it..! Lastly, Viva Espana!!!! haha.. Atas kemenangan Spain sya ucap congrates lah yerr.. Kpd italy supporter, jgn sedey2 okay, next tyme can try again! haha... Bai!! Wassalam...

Thanks for Reading ( '⌣^ )

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